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Never Gonna Stop [TMS]

Posted 1.1.06 @ 5:58 AM by Tackleberry

Game: Grand Theft Auto
Creator: Tackleberry & Kert
Grand Theft Auto, Trick-Stunt
Length: 7 minutes 27 seconds
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Tackleberry & Kert from TMS.

A GTA:SA collab stuntvid by two members of Twisted Metal Stunters, [TMS]. Editing by Tackleberry and the intro is made by Kert.

Dedicated to Kingjad, no need to explain. Thanks especially to the TMS crew for all the help.

"Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop" (Intro)
"Nickelback - Animals" (Main)
"Kanye West - Hey Mama" (Outro)

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By RatQuiRit on 1.2.06 @ 4:47 AM:
Very creative intro which fits with the theme of the movie (never gonna stop ^^), great tricks with another music saying that you're never gonna quit, I really like when movies have a general theme like this.
Good outro, nice idea of circular movement for the texts.
There is a nice quality, even if the frameright is a bit low, but that's normal for a GTA movie.

Overall, it was a very nice movie, with new musics and interesting intro, I keep it on my HD.

q3 : The new beginning  cod2 : MAXXURECTED
dod :
ULTIMATE DEATH WORSHIP - vertical Synch - Ubermegamonsterfragcountz. - Trinity
By kr3mlin on 1.2.06 @ 5:26 AM:
This video made me remark to a stunting buddy: "I want to land all the stunts ive never landed now"

It is one of my favourite stunting videos for GTA, i know this cos i can keep watching it and it makes me want to fire up San Andreas and go stunt

The stunts are original, varied and oh so numerous. The variety if its strongest appeal as it has packerbumps, bumps, bikebumps, grinds, grind combos, mtbike bump 2 wallbumps, a bus (yes a bus!!!!) stunt, huge car roofings, one of the highest SA taxi stunts ive ever seen and more

The intro was a well conceived idea that was cammed and executed extremely well to give the message of this videos title. The main editing was smooth, and had some simple yet effective use of fx, the camming did nothing but help the stunts, such as the overhead shot of Tackleberry's crane landing. The credits were simple yet very cool, and a nice use of the black and white effects and cool text movment

All those who have worked with the GTA replay system know how hard it can be to make a video like this and those who love gaming vids should try this as you wont be disappointed

"There is no fork" -Oen

By Sentello on 1.2.06 @ 6:01 PM:
excellent stunt vid, one of the best imo


very entertaining ty

By Tackleberry on 2.14.06 @ 3:08 PM:
New mirror is up. The Gamers Alliance offers great speed and all you need to do is to register.

Again, thanks for all the comments here and at, both Kert and I are very proud.
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