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Posted 6.22.03 @ 10:00 AM by own-age

Game: Quake 3 Arena
Creator: own-age
Quake 3 Arena, Videos by own-age
Length: 15 minutes 7 seconds
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Downloads (Unique): 144,862 Total (0 yesterday)
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Myself (own-age), lexer, cooller, stunt, unk1nd, zero4, fatal1ty, hola, blokey, ic-fox, fear, deffy, rocketheat, enzo and many more...

My Latest Frag video featuring a array of players. This video shows off over 8 months of some of the best shots ever passed through my computer in demo format. Please view the readme and make sure you have installed the codecs before attempting to play this file.

you must have xvid installed to play this video, you can download it here:

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By dado on 6.21.03 @ 11:21 AM:
I can allready give it 10/10 and add it to my favourites :), i can allsow say gj own nice vid (I think, I hope)..
By x.deffy on 6.22.03 @ 1:26 PM:
lol its a kick ass video with kick ass frags... mine > all :D hehe these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath. Every cup of tea. Every life we take. The way of the warrior.

TCL - coming in like 2035...but hopefully by this summer.
By Guest on 6.22.03 @ 1:40 PM:
No 3 \o/
Guest 2
By Guest 2 on 6.22.03 @ 1:57 PM:
Wheee! finally :D:D:D
By Guest on 6.22.03 @ 1:57 PM:
Number 4 :)
By cky on 6.22.03 @ 2:10 PM:
FIRST! oh wait :O

aka PartyBoy
By t41ch1 on 6.22.03 @ 2:11 PM:
By c00k on 6.22.03 @ 2:11 PM:
lol, weeeeeeee only 20 dl's so far :O, but i think that in about 10 minutes :O :O :O

By c00k on 6.22.03 @ 2:30 PM:
xvid and not divx, any particular reason ?

By x.deffy on 6.22.03 @ 2:32 PM:
hehe me and rocketheat were the firsts to see this awesome vid :)))))) woot woot these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath. Every cup of tea. Every life we take. The way of the warrior.

TCL - coming in like 2035...but hopefully by this summer.
By own-age on 6.22.03 @ 2:38 PM:
couldn't get a great render out of the latest divx.. tried xvid and had a lot better luck with it

Sean 'own-age' Kuehnel
By rocketheat on 6.22.03 @ 2:40 PM:
AnnihilatioN in my view has surpassed the mark in editing and frags. This video is the greatest original, most engrossing content i have ever seen in a frag video to date. Intro + Section knocks you off your feet, as shots come right at you Hitting Hard to the beat. Elite frags at a perfect beat, with no breathing room to spare. Reload Runs Section is a showing of skills like never before with amazing quad runs and great effects. Your eyes are moving constantly. Chateau section with its unique interface, hits you with high flying, epic frags, that are complimented by amazing camera views and great effects, as you are in awe. And finally, my favorite, the credits to finish it off. A perfect song with amazing hi's and lo's that literally had the hair on the back of my neck standing as i got that feel. And that's exactly what this video is all about, what OWN-AGE is trying to get across, The Feel of Quake 3. "The essence of Quake 3". AND HE DOES A DAMN GOOD JOB! Great Job Sean! I enjoyed working with a great editor and person as yourself. Much love :)

quake 4 is a ton of fun.

By x.deffy on 6.22.03 @ 2:48 PM:
as did i... you kept me waiting with all the beta clips you showed me in an attempt to gain my opinion about parts ;p my only regret is that i didnt send in enough shots... only one. lol.. im proud knowing that my shot was showcased in such a highly anticipated video and that i know im the first one to have it either on demo or displayed in a released video :) i feel uber special :D gj sean... if you dont come to quakecon then youre getting a beating! these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath. Every cup of tea. Every life we take. The way of the warrior.

TCL - coming in like 2035...but hopefully by this summer.
By Xter on 6.22.03 @ 3:26 PM:
Jeez : My movie experience was with my mouth wide open for 12mins. Brilliant
By legend on 6.22.03 @ 5:30 PM:
Hey...well what can I say. It's been a pretty long road. Sean I'm glad I had something to do with this fabulous project, even if it was mostly bugging you about how it was never gonna be released. :) This is far and above the best quake3 frag highlights video I've ever seen and probably the best gaming video ever, period. It is only right that it was made by one of the best guys I know and placed on a site and displayed to viewers who certainly deserve it. Once again a big hand to Sean "own-age" for making this all possible, from the site to the vid to everything in between, and to everyone else that has helped him along. Time for a new project Sean, I've got too much time on my hands. :P -Legend


By SteponiT on 6.22.03 @ 5:36 PM:
how do i install the Xvidcore 0.9.0 codec ?
By own-age on 6.22.03 @ 5:48 PM:
sorry you need to install this file, i put the wrong file in the zip

Sean 'own-age' Kuehnel
By twisted on 6.22.03 @ 6:04 PM:
downloading now, been looking forward to this one :) by reading the comments im guessing he used some songs from matrix soundtrack in it? damn it, i was gonna do that in tfde2 :(
By StepOniT on 6.22.03 @ 6:30 PM:
hmmmn, with your audio codec + the xvid codec, the movie plays, but i don't see the screen, only the sound.
By own-age on 6.22.03 @ 7:04 PM:
please try installing the xvid codec here:

Sean 'own-age' Kuehnel
By fear on 6.22.03 @ 8:31 PM:
fantastic job sean! thanks for letting me help test the clips too.. I was glad to be a part of the experience!

#mar on
By Tidus on 6.22.03 @ 10:11 PM:
This is the nicest video i ever saw, when it was the end of the movie, i was like "wtf 15mins already?" :)
By BRITNEYSPEARS[T666] on 6.23.03 @ 12:29 AM:
I havnt seen da vid but it sounds fuckin COOL MAN! ph33r le fl33ce
By rocketbear on 6.23.03 @ 1:41 AM:
Thats a bloooooooooooooooooody nice movie, wd! To me its a cross between badge3 and Fragsaddiction (Huntoz). Thanks for that, lovely. rb