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Get Quaked 3

Posted 10.13.05 @ 4:45 PM by fei

Game: Quake 3 Arena
Creator: fei, Robo-K1ll
Frag Highlights, Quake 3 Arena
Length: 19 minutes 15 seconds
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Downloads (Unique): 47,473 Total (0 yesterday)
Favorites: 177

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/Short version

"This movie contains some of the nicest frags from Quake 3 Arena." – JoKa, GQ1

Featuring 68 players.

13 months of work, over 1500 demos, more then 1 TB of HD space used. Hundreds of hours of editing.


/Long version
- - G e t Q u a k e d 3 - -

Director: Fei

Main Editers: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Audio: Fei and Etos
Twilight logo: JoKa
SP Logo-design: Jrb and mrks
Quake 3 Logo Modeled by: Jason "ValHallen" Brown
GQ3 Title text: Fu3l3d
Intro Editing: Robo-K1ll and Fei
Frag Section 1: Fei w/ major concepts by Wussie
Frag Section 2: Robo-K1ll
Credits: Fei
Quality and Compression: Fei w/ reflex, tox

There are double and triple rails (and combos of them); double, triple and
4 hit mid air rockets, 15 kill quad runs, amazing flick rails, and tons of unique shots. But
those things should not impress you in 2005. Everything has been done and I
realized that after the over 1000 demos I had to look at (not to mention the 600+ left over from bsx2, and our own personal shots) while looking for the special frag in the stack of excellent shots. If this was pre-2004 we could have made 6 full-length movies (You will see the left over content in other movies, it will not go to waste). I only hope that the content is shown in a way that is enjoyable and possibly exciting. We (Robo and I) both learned a huge amount and it was an enjoyable process. More movies to come that is for sure.

I hope this movie does a few things for you:
Doesn’t waste your time or bandwidth by it being an enjoyable movie.
Hope it inspires others to make movies, like the classics (badge, etc.) helped inspire me.
And I hope it keeps Quake alive for a bit longer :D

BIG Thanks to all that sent in demos. With out you guys the movie would not exist, and I hope no one takes it personal because they did not make it into the movie or anything like that. So many shots I would liked to include but the movie can only fit so many people. And my creative vision doesn’t include 50% pro-q3dm6… :D

From the creators of Bullshit Expedition 2 and Dedicated. Quake 3 again taken to a new level...
Turn up the volume, full screen the movie and remove(violently if needed) any other distractions. Get Quaked 3 from Twilight Pictures and Shaolin Productions. Enjoy

Technical: IMPORTANT: First try and playback the movie simply by using the VLC player if that doesn't work see below.

Make sure you turn off post processing in fddshow playback settings, right click on the icon in your system tray while playing back a movie to check if it is on. Some have seen that this setting totally ruins a movie so its best left off.

There is a new (relativity) video codec used for this movie, called x264. The playback filter fddshow, media splitter, and movie player are included with the movie. But all you should need to view the movie is, -successfully- installing the playback filter(reboot, then install if you have errors, do NOT skip/ignore files), installing the media splitter and then use your favorite movie player.
FFDShow installation: When you get to section entitled "Video Decoders", be sure you check the box for "H.264, X264".
Haali media/matroskasplitter installation: When at the "Options" section, be sure to check "Enable MP4 support".

If that doesn’t work, *REBOOT AND TRY AGAIN*! or download the other versions of the movie that will be released. Also new codecs have higher decoding requirements so you need a better CPU for playback, but unless your PC is 4 years old you should have no problems. Turning off all other programs running on your PC should also help. Connect to IRC server quakenet at #shaolinproductions if you have any problems.

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By fei on 10.13.05 @ 4:48 PM:
Download links cause idiots keep hitting dead link.

Normal x264;4247670;;/fileinfo.html
Bonus x264 + goodies;4249133;;/fileinfo.html
Xvid standard;4252413;;/fileinfo.html
HQ x264;4254584;;/fileinfo.html


Thanks GGL, carmac and DJ wheat and all the others for Best Picture of the Year, Best Quake and Best Frag movie!

Also interviews with me and Robo

Thanks to

»» Quake III:
# Best Video: Get Quaked 3
# Best Content: Get Quaked 3
# Best Cut/Effects: Get Quaked 3
# Best Sound: Get Quaked 3

German mirror up, - thanks Ic3

Lite means just the movie, it's what most want.
Full means I added all kinds of extras to it, like deleted clips, project files, etc

Full.x264 MQ is up, there is all kinds of goodies inside, like: gq3.cfg, gq3.veg, deleted scenes and Wussie's next movie's trailer.

10/14 - Xvid version is up, be warned it is not of x264 quality. filesize is very xvid...get the x264 if you can follow directions properly.

10/15 - HQ version is up. also quakersnet is now open to all. no reg needed

10/17 gaming affinty link up
I also thank those that added links. got a ton now. no reason not to DL :P

I have to keep readding the mirror links, PM if you dont see the version your looking for. (this is anoying btw.)

#shaolinproductions on quakenet |
Download: Dedicated | Disfigurement | Prepare to Respawn | Get Quaked 3 | Lepus| Unity| Legendary
By .:EXEcution:. on 10.13.05 @ 4:48 PM:
OMFG 2nd!

Ah well it felt good to get the post after fei. Now about the movie... What to say that hasn't already been mentioned?

I had the privilage to see this movie when it was in its early development. The first beta was my favorite with the In Flames song almost seamlessly synched with the action. Top stuff! Unfortunately In Flames doesn't cut it for most of the people here so fei found some different music. I personally do not like the music as much as I would have liked a heavier or darker track, but the music did not ruin the movie for me. I felt that it was a bit too ambient, it did not instantaneously grab the viewer and drag him down the hell hole of the Quake 3 Arena universe. Quite oppositely it was pretty melancholy and although Robo's tracks were heavier they seemed too artifical or too electronic for me and did not set the ideal mood.

Getting down to the real bulk of the film, it was very fast paced. The action started and didn't really stop or allow the viewer to reflect on what he or she just saw. Although the formula of the movie was not FRAG+FRAG+FRAG...=MOVIE it mixed in other editing teachniques and appropriate recams to give the video a flow. And the flow was there. The movie flowed very much like Freeform as opposed to Annihilation. Where Freeform took on a subtle yet clear blending method to make the movie seem shorter and Annihilation clearly divided the movie and made you feel that you were watching it in sections. Both methods are good, but have their weak points and their strong points. I won't go into it because it would all be theoretical and based on how I see movies.

The scene in the movie which stuck out most in my mind was ATI's quad run starting at 3:45. It was very well realized and presented. The overlaying effect was an original and clever idea because it was not completely random and very effective working with both the visual and musical aspect. The colors in the movie were very nice, clear, bright, and sharp... this codec definitely has some potential.

Credits were sweet, the text effects were a big plus and I even got to see my name. This movie does a good job of summing up Quake 3, and was released at an appropriate time. Although I'm sure it's not a "farewell Quake 3" video, but it shows what a dedicated community can achieve over the course of time.

I'm ready for Get Counter-Striken now.

Aerial Artists

Quake 3 Trickjumping Video ON HOLD

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By zale on 10.13.05 @ 4:48 PM:

Download my 2nd movie: FEAR 

Download my 1st movie: Insane

By PsYcHo-Os3 on 10.13.05 @ 4:51 PM:

Downloading :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click here :P
By MR KING on 10.13.05 @ 4:52 PM:

This movie is GOOD! :)


By shao on 10.13.05 @ 4:52 PM:
excellent, far exceeded what i was expecting!

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By Robo-Kill on 10.13.05 @ 4:53 PM:
Hey =) This movie took a long time to make so I hope you ppl enjoy it!!!

Well done fei :)




By PsYcHo-Os3 on 10.13.05 @ 4:53 PM:
I _HATE_ Filefront :(

Click here :P
By kodds on 10.13.05 @ 4:54 PM:
LOL nice, this i have been waiting for

Play more Promode =)
By Dird on 10.13.05 @ 4:56 PM:
sounded pretty cool until i heard those words "x264"

movie makers plz JUST SAY NO...xvid is lots less hastle for watchers, x264 is more jumpy and i dont notice all that much save in file space. already installed it for another movie, didnt like the codec, the player, the movie quality, uninstalled the codecs, dont play on changing that

are you going to release the movie with xvid codecs? if so id def watch it. screens look awesome but not enough to install that pos again
By MaNiC on 10.13.05 @ 4:57 PM:


Proud member of Quadrant 6: Q3/UT2004/WC3 Clan

#q6 on Shadowfire

By MR KING on 10.13.05 @ 5:04 PM:
Gah! 30 minutes! Can't wait!


By conflict on 10.13.05 @ 5:05 PM:
news post! :p

can't wait till its done dlin :p
By Limey on 10.13.05 @ 5:08 PM:
OMG liek saaweeeeeeeeet d/l

By zwanz on 10.13.05 @ 5:12 PM:
have to wait another 40 min ;>

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By Rogue on 10.13.05 @ 5:13 PM:
I just creamed my pants, downloading!

By JaraCz on 10.13.05 @ 5:20 PM:
By PsYcHo-Os3 on 10.13.05 @ 5:23 PM:
_c3rb wrote:
Sweet Filefront.. getting 50 ko/s, 2 hours to go :x


<- 115kb/s ;)

Click here :P
By _c3rb on 10.13.05 @ 5:25 PM:
Ninja post ;)

Edit : Whaaaat 115 kb/s and you say it's slow ? Bah :/

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By soks on 10.13.05 @ 5:28 PM:
AWESOME. FINALLY. I'm glad and I'll suicide after I have watched this.

(shitty 72kibps here...)
By Fjoggs on 10.13.05 @ 5:28 PM:
By spookmineer on 10.13.05 @ 5:30 PM:
Finally \o/
We made bets on if this movie was ever going to be finished. 19 pages on the GQ3 thread... I lost a few bucks lol.

This better be good :P

By PsYcHo-Os3 on 10.13.05 @ 5:45 PM:
_c3rb wrote:
Ninja post ;)

Edit : Whaaaat 115 kb/s and you say it's slow ? Bah :/

Yeh, 480kb/s is normal, 115 is slow ;D

10 minutes to go :)

Click here :P