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QL King of the Hill

Posted on 5.12.14 @ 6:58 PM by phoenix

Hello everyone! Much respect to anyone who continues to check out the site. Sorry it's not so active lately but if you're itching for some Quake Live duel action, come check out Monday Night King of the Hill duel matches hosted by Jehar of TastyspleenTV.

The rules are simple:
Quake Live Duel, all skill levels welcome.
Early signups will be sorted by ELO. Late signups will be added to the end of the list.
Winner keeps playing. Challenger chooses map.

Login to the IRC channel and type "!signup" (without quotes).

Stream & IRC:

The stream goes live (almost) every Monday night around 6 CST / 7 EST. Hope to see you there!


I think Tania has a surprise coming your way soon!

Tricking iT Revisited

Posted on 10.13.13 @ 12:45 AM by spookmineer

In this movie, a LOT of things come together!

"Tricking iT" was an awesome movie when it was released in 2003 - and it still is today.
It mainly showed solo tricks, but also team tricks by some of the best trickers back then:

artificial, BasTarD, m1tsu, s1L, carb0n, Fallen, gherk and Dur0n.

Today, close to what will be the 10th birthday of this groundbreaking movie, Wussie celebrates it with this new movie.

Nihilanth single handedly re-enacts what looks like ALL the solo tricks by himself.
And... dare I say it? He performs some of them better than the original.

Thanks Rob and Wussie for this great movie.

Go download it now!

Finally hosted

Posted on 7.10.13 @ 7:16 PM by own-age

So I had a real fun time the past couple of weeks trying various ways to upload ALL of the files to the new host... But hey if you are reading this now that means that the site is not being hosted from my PC anymore!

The next steps for me is to update our comment and email systems back up and running and then it is going to be a lot of site features / changes to get this site back up to speed. If you have any suggestions please feel free to chime in. As always I'll hear anything people have to say and take it into consideration.

Latest layout now available

Posted on 6.30.13 @ 3:27 PM by own-age

Hey all, welcome to the latest version of the website. I'm working through some kinks with the site as well as getting it officially hosted which should make it a bit more zippy as well as most importantly re-enable all email functionality which should solve a bunch of problems you may be experiencing.

Anyway, thanks all for the support as I've been getting this thing back up and running. More to come as I'm finally on the latest source code on the site once again!

Latest website layout to come soon

Posted on 6.24.13 @ 9:03 PM by own-age

I've been working through the kinks getting the old site up and running. I'm planning on getting the latest version of the site up here within the next week or two depending on how many bugs I find. After that I will be able to promote features a lot quicker.

The Last of Us Lets Play

Posted on 6.23.13 @ 9:09 PM by own-age

So I recently picked up a new habit while off work... having a "lets play" series playing on my 2nd monitor while I'm coding/surfing the web. One game that was getting a lot of attention around the office lately was the game "the Last of Us." I saw MaximusBlack do a 5 part series incomplete play through of the game starting from the beginning and I had to see more of this fantastically done game. I ended up finding another youtuber by the name of bk... and he had played the entire game for the first time while recording it. The gameplay isn't exactly the best, however I still enjoyed the majority of his stream (minus a a few annoying rage moments where I felt he whined a bit about dying) Anyway, click the screenshot or the link below to get to the playlist.

The Last of Us - Lets Play Series

What do you think of Lets Play series? Should we find/post more about these types of videos here on the site? Do you have a favorite caster that you like to follow on this subject? Let us know!

Original Website is back!

Posted on 6.15.13 @ 8:51 PM by own-age

I've restored a version of the original website, still looking through all the hard drives for the updated theme. More to come here soon. For those of you who have accounts and still remember the password... you should be able to get in, I'm still working through restoring the site's functionality so bear with me in the meantime.

F33l by Kos

Posted on 7.29.09 @ 4:13 PM by bacchus

 Yet another unoriginally entitled movie, might you think, and you will be perfectly right! But the complains about that movie will stop there, because there is no other one. Even if it is not he case, that movie can be seen as a sequel to W3sp strafe. Same player, same editor, same editing style, and still totally insane.
There are some really amazing runs, difficult to believe they are not scripted, but w3sp is famous for being a pro, not a cheater, so enjoy the show, especially the last run that makesthe best runs ou have ever seen look noob.
To be honnest, you don't pay attention at all to the editing at first, because you are too focused on the runs, but when you watch it again, you notice there are some nice stuffs, and that the job was perfectly done: show the runs, and how good they are, even if you don't know the maps at all
So I personnally want to thank kos and w3sp again for making me feel so noob, and for this amazing show.
Go download it now!

Mrks - Kaleidoscope

Posted on 7.8.09 @ 4:58 AM by Wussie

 In between outages mrks from Shaolin Productions has managed to release his video "Kaleidoscope" featuring Buddha. It's about 4,5 minutes long with the usual laid back soundtrack and pretty colours. So, check it out!

Recent outage

Posted on 5.21.09 @ 8:50 PM by own-age

Sorry about the recent outage guys.  Some OS file got corrupt on the server and the hosting company had to rebuild a new box.  All is back to normal!
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